Milano Kitchen Cabinets


The Milano line fuses old world techniques such as had staining with cutting edge technologies to provide a durable glazed finish that won't fade or change for years to come.

  • Full Overlay
  • Raised Panel
  • Maple Wood
  • Glazed
  • Fully Adjustable Concealed Hinges

{rokbox title=|Milano :: Caramel Cabinets | thumb=|images/stories/products/milano_caramel-tmb.png| size=|445 364|}images/stories/products/milano_caramel.png{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Milano :: Caramel Cabinets | text=|Milano Carmel Cabinets| size=|445 364|}images/stories/products/milano_caramel.png{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Milano :: Sable Cabinets | thumb=|images/stories/products/milano_sable-tmb.png| size=|445 364|}images/stories/products/milano_sable.png{/rokbox}{rokbox title=|Milano :: Sable Cabinets | text=|Milano Sable Cabinets| size=|445 364|}images/stories/products/milano_sable.png{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Milano :: Crown Molding | size=|445 364|}images/stories/products/milano_crown_molding.jpg{/rokbox}
{rokbox title=|Milano :: Crown Molding | text=|Milano Crown Molding| size=|445 364|}images/stories/products/milano_crown_molding.jpg{/rokbox}


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